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Hey My Entrepreneurial Friend,

Tell me:

If, next month, your biggest client suddenly decided to stop working with you…

…Or your main supplier decided to double their prices out of nowhere…

…Or any number of random events happen which caused your pipeline to run dry…

What would you do?

For most business, it might look something like this:

  • Cold call as many businesses as humanly possible;

  • Spend thousands creating a new direct mail or online ad campaign;

  • Spend every spare hour of the week networking and attending industry events;

  • Scour job board sites for new clients and potential opportunities;

  • Throw literally anything at the wall for the next 30 days just to find a client, make more money, or fill the pipeline back up.

After all – you have to plug that cashflow gap somehow, right?

But what if I told you you don’t have to do any of that stuff?

What if I told you that once you started doing the simple, 4-step process I’m about to show you, you could double, triple, or even quadruple your sales (without changing anything else about the way you currently do business)?

…And what if I told you that that could all be possible in the space of the next 30 days?

In Fact, You May Even Be Just

One Tiny Tweak Away From Multiplying

Your Sales.

Allow me to explain…

Here’s exactly what I’d do:

Rather than:

  • Spending hours searching for more people to fill my pipeline…

  • Spending thousands on ads to get more people into my funnel…

  • Or trying to turn into a content creation machine that churns out multiple pieces of content per day…

I’d just do this:

1) Make a list of every lead I’ve spoken with in the past 12-18 months.

2) Send them a few short follow up messages.

That’s it.

Wouldn’t reinvent my marketing process.

Wouldn’t change my products or services.

I wouldn’t even test any new idea before I’d at least done that ^^^ first.

And by doing that, I’d expect up to 20% of those leads to turn into new business.

Which, depending on the price of your product, could even mean an extra 4-figures… 5-figures…

An extra 6-figures… 

Or even as much as an extra 7-figures in sales.

…just from that one small follow up tweak.

Sounds simple, right?

Here’s the thing: It is.

…It’s just that no one actually does it.

In fact, according to statistics, 90% of companies fail to consistently follow up on their leads, whether from the fear of coming across as pushy, they forget or let’s be honest, they simply don’t know how to do it right and avoid making the effort.

That’s why, on this page, I want to show you a follow up system that does three things:

  • Feels friendly and conversational – rather than pushing the prospect towards the sale, you use simple banter to guide them towards your solution in a way that feels natural and authentic;

  • Is almost entirely hands-off – so that you don’t have to try and remember to follow up, it just happens automatically;

  • And takes advantage of the “low-hanging fruit” in your business – there’s potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue currently sitting in your inbox that you might have already dismissed as “dead” leads;

But not just any follow up strategy will do…

Simply “Checking In” With Your Client Every 2 Weeks Is NOT Follow Up.

In fact, not having a real agenda  for each contact is probably one of the quickest ways to annoy your prospect and get your phone number or email address blacklisted.

That’s why, in my new book, The 7-Figure FollowUp Method, I’d like to show you the simple method of follow up that I’ve used (and continue to use) to:

  • Turn a 1.5 year old cold lead (that most businesses would consider dead and buried) into a deal that netted me $300,000;

  • Clear $30,000 of emergency expenses (due with a 45-day notice period) with the help of this follow up system (Spoiler: I ended up generating $73,500 inside of 30 days!)

  • Make my client, Darren, more money in the first 3 months of 2022 than he did in the whole of 2021 (Jump to Chapter 1 for that story)

  • Turn one of our prospect’s “No’s”… into a “Yes” worth $120,000 simply by throwing him into our almost entirely automated follow up process;

  • Take one of my clients from a “Not today, thanks” a $16,500 deal with zero sales resistance;

  • And allows me to consistently close more clients in one month than most businesses close in a year thanks to the power of simple, friendly follow up.

Now, does that system work?

I’d like to think so. In fact…

The First Follow Up System I Hatched Generated More Than Seven Figures Worth Of Transactions With Only A $3,750 Marketing Budget.

Heck – some businesses even spend that much looking for a single client!

The cool part?

I’ve actually refined that system since then.

Which means that when you pick up a copy of The 7-Figure FollowUp Method today, you’ll be getting access to the latest version of my never-before-seen, 7-figure follow up process.

You can pick up a copy for just $4.99 on this page.

When you do, I’ll also throw in 3 additional resources, completely for free, to help you get your follow up system rocking and rolling as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to grow your business over the next 30 days that doesn’t involve spending more on ads, building confusing funnels, or posting on social media all day hoping that one of your posts might go viral…

Then you can pick up a copy of The 7-Figure FollowUp Method right here for just $4.99.


The 7-Figure

FollowUp Method

How Easy Banter Helps You Pick Up Profits Other Businesses Leave On The Table

Success Stories from Business Owners and Sales Professionals Who’ve Implemented the Strategies and Tools Inside the 7-Figure FollowUp Method:

“We’re not even through the first quarter of the year and I’ve made the most money I’ve ever made in my life.”

“We’re not even through the first quarter of the year and I’ve made the most money I’ve ever made in my life...If you want a "yes" man, Jay's not your guy...if you want someone to push you in the right direction, this is where you need to be." 

- Darren H.

“The thing that I really needed to learn... been thinking about it for a long time... you were like, commit first and figure out the rest later.”

This is a true testament because I signed on for one thing, but I've gotten at least eight things out of it!  That's the beauty, it doesn't really matter... real estate, some sort of athletic pursuit or business or whatever. The vehicle doesn't actually matter as long as you're developing and honing your skills."

- Charles P.

“We literally closed a deal every week for the last 3 months...Jay is with you for the long haul!”

“We’ve already closed 11 deals…and we literally closed a deal every week for the last 3 months…Jay is with you for the long haul…He is always involved in our process.”

- Jamera B.

“You made it easier…to where I was able to go make money!”

“I've spent a lot of time with people filling me up with fluff... but you made it easier... to where I was able to go make money.”

- Brittany

“I’ve averaged about $20k a month since May!”

“Jay and the team have helped me immensely in maxing profits...”

“I always know Jay is gonna make the phones light up…No better feeling in this business than having a consistent, reliable source of leads.”

“I am 1000% confident in what I learned and thankful for the way Jay approaches teaching and helping his students.”

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside the 7-Figure FollowUp Method:

  • My EXACT follow up method that brings my business hundreds of thousands of dollars in deals we would’ve missed otherwise (the same method that recently turned a lead that told us “no” into a deal that netted $120,000.)

  • Self-assessments for understanding exactly where you are today, so you can zero in on the exact strategies that can help you grow your income, and reduce the stress of income instability.

  • Why I credit good follow up for helping me find my wife (yes, the kind of follow up I teach is about building relationships that powerful)…

  • Why I believe prospecting is an absolute waste of your time and money if you do not prioritize follow up first (and other blunt truths you NEED to learn to get ahead in sales - find them in Ch. 4).…

  • The 3 or 4 Critical Answers EVERY prospect needs (but will never ask for) before they agree to your price and terms, and how to use follow up to answer them so you’re top-of-mind when they decide to buy…

  • The type of mindless “follow up” that leads to underwhelming results, and how to avoid it to build the kind of quality follow up “machine” that helps my clients grow beyond 7-figures.…

  • How to leverage EVERY SINGLE  CONVERSATION you have with my five follow up commandments (don’t miss the lead-getting lessons and tools starting in Part II of the book)…

  • My secret sauce for multidimensional, personalized communications (deploy the simple steps in Chapter 8, and your follow up will be so effective that anyone else reaching out to your prospects will just make them think of you)…

  • My 5 Star FollowUp Equation to write and deliver simple yet highly-effective follow up messages for every single lead…

  • A complete Customization Guide to ensure the 7-Figure FollowUp Method is tailored to your business, your income goals, and your desired lifestyle (plus tips for automating, simplifying, and delegating so it’s even easier)…

  • Ready to scale? I’ll show you the 4 accelerating factors needed to comfortably prepare your business for fast growth…

  • Customizable frameworks you can deploy to simplify the development of your own key assets like internal company SOPs, outbound marketing, follow up processes, and more…

  • Draft an “FAQ” Tool to make follow up responses super easy to answer almost immediately (while still sounding like your authentic self, not a robot)…

  • An interactive SOP Flowchart that you can use to offload tasks, remove yourself as a bottleneck, and make growing your business easier…

  • How to draft your outbound follow up campaigns, plus my tools and cheat code for getting these messages done and ready to deliver quickly…

  • Clear next steps, so you’re ready to take action and get your personalized 7-Figure FollowUp Method up and running ASAP

  • …And so much more.

Get my 7-Figure FollowUp Method Today for Just $4.99 and You’ll Also Get This Bonus Resource For Free:


Follow-Up First Live Presentation

Improve Your Follow Up Game Almost Immediately & Position Yourself as the #1 Option for Prospects When They’re Ready to Buy Their Property

Are you ready to understand what you need to do to hit the ground running with a consistent, money-making follow up strategy TODAY? 

I broke my method into bite-sized concepts when I spoke at a recent event alongside other leaders in the industry.

In this value-packed presentation, you get:

  • Exactly why follow up is the key to growing a successful and highly profitable business.

  • The BIGGEST opportunity you have in this market that you can start taking advantage of right now.

  • My Laws of Follow Up and why if you do this right…you essentially have no competition when it comes to closing any type of deal.

  • How to set all of this up to work for you TODAY - take the golden nuggets of what I have to share with you, start implementing NOW, and then dive deeper as you read or listen to the 7-Figure FollowUp Method.

You get all of that ^ and much more for FREE when you order the 7-Figure FollowUp Method now!

The 7-Figure FollowUp Method is a one-time payment of $4.99 and you’ll get an immediate digital download plus the bonus at no additional cost.

By The Way – You Do NOT Need To Be An Expert Salesperson For This To Work

The thing that I love about the 7-Figure FollowUp Method?

It doesn’t require you to have a sales background.

It doesn’t require you to employ any sneaky sales tricks or pushy arm-twisting.

And you certainly don’t need to be any kind of marketing genius in order to make this work.

This follow up system is designed to work for any business, regardless of whether they have a fully-trained sales team…or are simply operating with a one-man-band setup and using the phone in their pocket as their outreach tool.

Put simply:

If you can order food from a server at your favorite restaurant…

If you can shoot the breeze with the cashier at your local grocery store…

And if you can talk to people the same way you might talk to friends or family…

Then this system can work for you.

Ready to give it a try?

More Praise for the Tools, Strategies, and Wisdom You Get Inside the 7-Figure FollowUp Method:

“You’ve personally seen my phone blowing up, I’m well on my way to my first deal, and I owe you a lot of credit for that.”

“Thank you for the time and attention you provide... you care about our success... and you care about our families...You gave us all the tools to succeed, you’ve personally seen my phone blowing up, I’m well on my way to my first deal, and I owe you a lot of credit for that.”

- K. Maxey

“Jay helped me step my game up... He's got a lot of tools in his toolbox...if he doesn't know the answer, he finds it.”

“Jay helped me step my game up... He's got a lot of tools in his toolbox... if he doesn't know the answer, he finds it. He also helped me to scale my wholesale business, since I have other businesses that I work, and I’m also a teacher, so my time has to be allotted for pretty much all the time. ”

- Will B.

“Jay is who he says he is...if you are looking for a mentor or a coach, Jay is your guy! That's my word and I'm standing on it.”

“I didn’t have any aim…but honestly after working with Jay…he’s given me the steps and the tools to be successful in this industry. Jay is who he says he is... if you are looking for a mentor or a coach, Jay is your guy! That's my word and I'm standing on it.”

- Devin Ray

Is the 7-Figure FollowUp Method What You’ve Needed to Nurture Leads on Autopilot and Bring Massive Profits into Your Business

Click “Yes! I Want the Book + Bonus” below, get your digital copy of the 7-Figure FollowUp Method, and Start Implementing My Strategy for Closing More Deals in a Way That’s Systematic, Automated, and Consistent Outside of Your Own Efforts. 

Get the 7-Figure FollowUp Method + Bonus

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  • Digital Copy of the 7-Figure FollowUp Method

  • BONUS: Follow-Up First Live Presentation

The 7-Figure FollowUp Method is a one-time payment of $4.99 and you’ll get an immediate digital download plus the bonus at no additional cost.

No Questions Asked

Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s a simple promise:

The 7-Figure FollowUp Method will show you my follow up strategy for closing more deals in a way that’s systematic, automated, and consistent outside of your own efforts. 

Inside, you’ll discover how to fix your follow up process so you can grab money that’d otherwise be left on the table, or even get deals you might not have even known about otherwise.

You’ll read the 7-Figure FollowUp Method

...and I guarantee you’ll get everything you need to follow up consistently, persistently, and personally with every single contact you make. So you’ll be in a position to make more quality offers, close your dream clients more often, and move toward the business and lifestyle you want.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

...just let my team know with a quick email to and we’ll send you a refund for your purchase (minus processing fees) ASAP.


That means you have 365 days to go through the book and the bonus before you decide if you find it valuable.

What you see on this page is what you’ll discover inside the book.

I guarantee you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund (minus processing fees). This is a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Get the 7-Figure FollowUp Method + Bonus For

Just $4.99

  • Digital Copy of the 7-Figure FollowUp Method

  • BONUS: Follow-Up First Live Presentation

The 7-Figure FollowUp Method is a one-time payment of $4.99 and you’ll get an immediate digital download plus the bonus at no additional cost.

Jay Malloy

I Help Entrepreneurs Grow Beyond 7 Figures by Creating a Marketing Machine Supercharged by Follow Up

Hey! I’m Jay Malloy.

I started out managing government and community affairs for transportation and real estate developments in the northeast, and now I'm an investor, landlord, private lender, certified business coach and marketing specialist.

And while my follow up process was built during my time in Real Estate, it’s since helped 100s of other entrepreneurs secure more deals, more often, and with less sales resistance than other marketing methods.

I know that you can use the method on this page to help you exponentially boost your sales.

…And it all starts with simple, friendly conversations (that turn into profitable, high-ticket deals!)

I can’t wait for you to dive into the book.

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